Love Beyond Measure
Love Beyond Measure

One word, Expressed Through Many Parts

You matter. In fact, you matter so much that Jesus Christ died to secure a permanent relationship with you. God loves you infinitely more than you can imagine and nothing can stand in the way of his love for you. Not only that, your story matters.

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Let us prepare daily for the battle and put on the full armor. Get encouraged by God sightings, inspired by testimony, nourished by the word, or sharpened through fellowship. Where two or more are gathered, Christ is there. Listen now.

How much does god love you?

Ephesians chapter 3 does an excellent job of illustrating the vastness of God’s love for us. In Paul’s letter to the Ephesians God’s love is described as surpassing all knowledge. In other words, God’s love for you is beyond measure or ‘infinite’.



Paul additionally mentions in his letter to the Romans that ‘nothing’ can possibly separate us from the love of God. This is a love that knows no limits. Take a moment and truly reflect on that love and you are very likely to experience a heartfelt response. If you do, then welcome to the awe of ‘infinite no thing’.


The search for truth lead me exclusively to Christ. A journey where I was forced to admit that every other philosophy only offered me one thing, a lie protecting the comfort of my sin.

Justin Roether – Founder

Praying, worshiping, studying, meeting, and serving together.

The mission of infinitenothing is to encourage greater unity among believers and inspire growth demonstrated through action. Find or share a local prayer group, worship gathering, bible study, fellowship meeting, or opportunity to serve. Contact us to share your testimony, message, or ideas. The vision for this ministry is bigger than any one individual and your support or feedback is greatly appreciated.